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Passport Health offers travel vaccinations, counseling and basic travel products for convenience and safety.


Passport Health's Own Insect Away 30 

Insect Away 30
In convenient 1 oz. pocket size. 4 pack

Passport Health's Controlled Release Repellent 

Picture 1-101
4 oz long lasting, non greasy, odorless and trace absorbency. Controlled release system requires only 20% DEET for protection.



Passport Health's Own Sun Block Skin Shield
Formula SPF 30

All day sports forumula, sweat and waterproof, non-greasy feel, allows your skin to breathe and won't rub off on clothing or equipment. 6 oz



Passport Health's Own Sun Block Skin Shield
Formula SPF 15

Sun Block Skin Shield Formula SPF 15
All day sports forumula, sweat and waterproof, non-greasy feel, allows your skin to breathe and won't rub off on clothing or equipment. 6 oz



Passport Health's Permethrin Clothing Treatment  

Permethrin Clothing Treatment
6 oz Available in pump or aerosol spray. Stainfree repellent that kills chiggers, mites, mosquitoes and ticks. Spray on clothing and bedding, lasts up to 2 weeks even with laundering. Not for use on skin



Quick insect bite relief to counteract effects of most insect bites.



Removes toxins and venom caused by insects, snakes, spiders and more, Complete kit inclueds for suction cups, Bite Book, etc.


Tick Plier  

Safer than tweezers and easier to use for removal of ticks


Mosquito Net (spider)  

Deluxe Decorative & travel Circular Mosquito Net. Fits all bed sizes, white fine 196 mesh. Comes with hanging equipment.


Mosquito Net (Snake)  

Safari Grade Rectangular Mosquito net, double bed size, 66" X 80" X 60"high white very fine mesh. Comes with loops a rope for attachment.




Zippered pouch handles a wide spectrum of mishaps and common injuries. Basic supplies included with lots of compartments to add your favortie products, keys, wallet, sun blocks, etc. Belt loops included.




Oral electrolyte salts to prevent or correct dehydration from diarrhea or sweating. Four flavors per package. Mixes easily with purified or boiled water.



Ear Planes

Flight ear protection, relieves painful ear discomfort, popping or clogging. Adult or child.



Bio Band

Safe and easy way to prevent motion sickness during travel.



6 disposable masks, ideal for filtering pollution, high bacterial filtration efficiency, hosptial grade materials and low breathing resistance.



Antiseptic Towelettes

For use when soap and water is not available. Ideal for cleaning toilet seats, hand cleaning, etc. 30 wipes per package.


Wound Care Kit

An assortment of antiseptics, bandages and topical preparations to handle minor wounds, blisters and rashes.



Melatonin 3mg. #60

A natural dietary supplement to enhance sleep. Reduces the effects of jet lag.



Sani Seat

20 toilet seat covers in two convenient purse-size packs-includes zip lock bag.



Emergency Dental Kit 

Includes temporary cement and filling material. Denture repair material, toothache drops, wax, tweezers, gauze kit, etc. and instruction manual.



Travel Sox

Prevents Economy Class Syndrome Blood clot formation, swelling of the ankles, vanicose veins and leg fatigue. Designed to save lives and provide comfort by improving lower leg circulation. Comes in both Men's and Women's sizes S M L and XL.


Available in Black and Beige
Women's S (size < 5 1/2)
Men's S (size < 7)/Women's L (size 5 1/2-7 1/2)
Men's M (size 7-10)/Women's L (size 8-10 1/2)
Men's L (size 10 1/2-12)/Women's XL (size > 10 1/2)
Men's XL (size > 12)


International Converter/Adapter Set  

Complete set to use with most small appliances.


Mini Cyclone Worldwide Hair Dryer

Palm size design with superb turbo drying power, ultra-light, two powerful drying speeds 125/250 dual voltage.


Inflatable Neck Rest

Supports comfortably neck and head to avoid tired, cramped neck muscles, Lets you enjoy traveling and arrive refreshed.


Luggage Strap

Keeps luggage intact through toughest handling. Bright colors help identify your belongings.


Immersion Heater  

Water and beverage heater. Boils water in minutes, features "no burn" guard for extra proetction. Dual Voltage.



Women's and men's, folds into convenient travel pouch. Built to last in fashion colors.


Super Mini Umbrella

Opens to full size, durable and wind resistant.


Travel Towel  

Travel Towel
Soft 100% viscose, super-absorbent towel that absorbs ten times its weight in moisture. Washable, easily wrung out, last for years and comes in zippered case. Measures 18" x 26"



Waist Security Pouch

Waist Sec Pouch Pic 30
Comfortable elasticized waistband with zipper and velcro closure compartment. Lightweight with a flat, non-binding buckle. Beige coloration helps the pouch become virtually undectable when worn under clothing. Soft, washable material.


Neck Security Pouch

Soft, washable pouch will keep your valuables safe. Comfortable, lightweight, can be easily worn around neck or over shoulder. Features 2 large secure zippered compartments and adjustable cord.


Hidden Pocket

Multiple zipper pockets for organization. Two belt-loop options to secure valuables.


Safe Travel Book  

Comprehensive readable guide for international travelers, Passport Health's own Dierctor of Security Peter Savage is the author.





Passport Health's Freshflow System

Freshflow System
20 oz capacity. Features innovative technology water filtration systems. Removes the most common contaminents in tap water, rivers and streams, while delivering the taste and quality of bottled water at a drinkable flow rate.


Passport Health's Personal Water Filter

16 oz capacity. Removes chlorine and odors, botled water quatlity from tap water, treats 150 bottles--only 15c per bottle.